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Should You File A Complaint About Your Moving Company?

Should You File A Complaint About Your Moving CompanyThat is a question that we hope you never have to ask yourself. Moving is tough enough on its own. The last thing anyone needs is a move that has not gone smoothly. Most moving companies will do everything that they can to safely move your stuff, but accidents do happen. We can’t control everything all of the time, but there are some moving companies out there that could really care less about you, your family, or any of the things that they have just loaded into their moving trucks. These are the moving companies that everyone should avoid, but sometimes it is difficult to avoid them. So the question is this, Should you file a complaint? The answer is really up to you, but here are some tips that will help make that decision a little easier.

What really justifies a complaint against a moving company. There are the obvious things like, they did not deliver your stuff, or they are holding your stuff hostage until you pay them an inflated moving bill. These are pretty obvious signs that you should be filing a complaint with the moving company, but what about little things.

Suppose for a second that just a few of your personal items got damaged during the move. This is unfortunate, but perfectly acceptable. You can almost expect some of your things to get damaged. The moving company will try to prevent this, but it sometimes accidents do happen. Most moving companies will also do what they can to make the matter right. If they are refusing to help you, or they are giving you bad customer service, then you should by all means file a complaint. You paid them good money to do a job, and if they are not going to stand behind their work, then it is time to hit the complaint button.

So now you are stuck with another question. How do you file a complaint, and who do you file the complaint with? You will need to provide some basic information about the complaint. Here is what you will need. Your name, address and telephone number, and of course you will also need the name, telephone and address of the moving company that you are filing the complaint against. These would also help the complaint quite a bit: The origin and destination of the move, The moving companies DOT number and MC numbers if you have them, and of course the complaint.

Once you have gathered all of this information it is time to file the complaint. There are two places to file a complaint, but if your stuff is being held hostage by the moving company then call the local police department. If you just need to file a complaint, you can call the local Better Business Bureau. This will get the ball rolling. The next place that you can file a complaint is the FMCSA. They can be reached by calling the following toll free number: 1-888-DOT-SAFE.

Hopefully you will not need to file a complaint with the moving company, but it never hurts to know what your choices are.

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