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Moving Storage: Keep Your Belongings Safe

Every year there are thousands of Americans who relocate to a new home, in fact according to the U.S. Census Bureau, 40 million Americans have moved annually over the last decade. These are large numbers and indicate that residence at any place, in essence, is often of a transient nature. The moving industry has grown exponentially over the years and has evolved into an effective solution to America’s moving needs. There are all sorts of facilities and services being provided today to cater to the ever growing market, one of them being moving storage facilities. It is a fact that there are many aspects to moving and it can be a very stressful time for one involved. However the moving industry is doing all it can to alleviate the stress of the consumer and ensure a happy moving experience.

Why You Might Need Storage Services

When a moving, one might find themselves in need to store away a few items, this can occur for many reasons, such in case the new home is not completely ready and there is still renovation going on, then for a short period of time there may be the requirement to store your belongings. Another reason may be that one may want to dispose of certain items but has been unable to do so because of paucity of time and hence will need a place to store items till they can be disposed off. One might need additional storage due to the fact that the new home or office may not be able to contain all the belongings, and in this case the storage may be of a more permanent nature. One may also need storage facilities for one’s car, RV or boat as the need may be.

Types of Storage Facilities

Portable storage is also known as portable on demand storage (PODS) although some companies refer to it as just mobile storage units. The idea is simple, the company delivers a storage container at your home where you can load and pack it at your convenience. This gives you adequate time and the convenience to plan your packing and storage properly. Once you have finished storing all your items, it can be lifted and delivered to your new home. If you want you could also let the POD be shifted to a storage facility provided by the company and transported to your new home when it is convenient for you. Here again you have a chance to unpack this portable moving storage container at your leisure and convenience.

Self storage units are where you have a facility provided to you at a warehouse of sorts where you may store your belongings for the amount of time you need. These storage options are either outdoor, or drive-up facilities, or indoor facilities. Indoor facilities are often climate controlled and can store temperature sensitive items such as wines and keep them protected. The rooms are isolated, made air tight, and have heaters or air conditioners installed to maintain climate control. These kinds of storage facilities vary in size ranging from mini storage units the size of a closet to large storage areas for vehicles or boats.

The cost for renting storage units can vary from each service provider. Movers.net suggest that You will check with your moving company as to what kind of moving storage facilities they provide and determine for yourself whether they are cost-effective or not.

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