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Local Moving Service: Compare Movers & Prices

There are many things one needs to consider when planning a move. You want all your belongings transferred safely. You want to make a smooth transition into your new home and community. The amount of work required to carry out a proper move is extensive and can be a stressful and time-consuming process. For this reason, many people try to make things easier by hiring a local professional moving service. Hiring professional movers is a smart move, moving companies have the experience and the expertise to be able to carry out your move in an efficient and safe manner.

A local move is considered one that occurs within the state and within a 100-mile radius. Moving services are available a-plenty; however, the task is how to get the right ones.

Getting Started

  • Decide When to Move: Planning in advance is key, it is important to remember that most moving services are busiest between May to September and on weekends. If you want to avoid the rush, either plan your move on the less busy months, or else be prepared to book the local movers at least three to four months in advance.
  • Plan and Organize: Before hiring a mover you need to be sure of what your requirements are and what kind of services you will need to enlist. You will need to make an inventory of all the furniture and belongings that require moving. Once you have set a date for your move, you should coordinate with your utility providers and give them cut-off dates so that the utilities are shut on time. Don’t forget the little things you need to arrange as well, such as returning old library books or anything that you may have borrowed from your neighbors. Before and after packing, dispose of all the excess clutter that you may have lying around in the house. Disposing of inexpensive items that can be purchased at your new place of residence can significantly reduce the load you need to be transported, and can help you cut costs on moving expenses.
  • Preparing for packing: If you plan to do the packing on your own it is important that you collect adequate packing materials and boxes. You will need to get several sturdy boxes, you can find these up at local retail stores or grocery stores as these places are always throwing out their excess boxes, they will be only too glad to give them to you. Also, we recommend you collect old newspapers you have lying around, as these will come in handy to pad fragile items and such when packing. See that you have adequate amounts of duct tape and a collection of labels, as well as a sharp knife for opening boxes when unpacking.

Choosing a Moving Service

  • Ask Around: To find the best moving services you need to inquire amongst your friends, relatives, and associates. You should be able to get a good amount of references from these sources and this can serve as a start.
  • The Yellow Pages: The Yellow Pages are another very good place to look for local movers.
  • Online: The Internet is the best place to find a mover, you can gather estimates and research costumers reviews. Check out our online network of moving services that we provide and start gathering estimates, compare to find the best deals.
  • Background Check: Use the Better Business Bureau to find out details about local movers that you may be considering. This is a great resource to find out the reputation of the local movers.
  • Gather Estimates: Any moving company will be only too happy to provide you with estimates. However, we recommend you avoid estimates given over the phone, instead get the company representative to come to your home and give you the estimate. Ask for a binding estimate as this is an accurate estimate the mover is bound to commit to.
  • Insurance Coverage & Additional Services: Always inquire with any mover about the status of their insurance and what range of services they offer. Find out if they have storage facilities available that may come of use to you during the moving process.

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