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Don’t Wait Until The Holidays To Move!

With the Summer of 2012 nothing more than a memory, it is time to start planning ahead for the rest of the year. Fall is the next season in line, and this is one of the best seasons to plan a move. Summer has always been the busiest season for moving. If you have been thinking about moving, now is the perfect time. Movers.net has helped thousands of people find reliable moving companies this past Summer, and we are here to help now that Summer has past. Don’t wait until the holidays. Here are some great reasons to start planning your move now!

Moving companies will start offering better deals

Moving companies have been booked all Summer long. There were many cases where moving companies could not keep up with the demand that Summer brought on. Many moving companies were turning away business. They did not have enough trucks to handle all of the moves, and they also did not have enough employees to help manage the rush of people trying to move.

Now that Summer has gone, hiring a moving company will be much easier. Now moving companies will have plenty of free time to handle your move. Many moving companies will also start offering Fall specials in order to get some more business. They will often lower their rates to try to bring in some more business. If you have been waiting to move, this is the time to save some serious money. Take advantage of these savings before the holidays come.

Save your money for the holidays

The holidays will be here before you know it. It is time to start saving for the holidays! There is one great way to start saving, and that is by moving now. The more time that you have to save for the holidays, the better off you will be. No one wants to be unpacking moving boxes on Christmas morning. Presents are the only packages that should be opened on Christmas morning.

Take advantage of the cooler weather

The heat of Summer is behind us, and that can only mean one thing. The cold of Winter is right behind the corner. Summer may be the busiest time of the year for moving companies, but it can get too hot! Now is the time to move. Temperatures are starting to drop, and the weather outside is starting to get a lot more comfortable. If you wait until Winter sets in, moving will be even worse. Who wants to move in the freezing cold and snow? Not many people.

Moving in the Winter can also be more dangerous. When the roads ice over and when the snow starts to fall, driving can get a little dangerous. Moving trucks don’t always operate in the snow. If the roads have iced over, moving trucks are not going anywhere. Just imagine if everything that you owned was loaded onto a moving truck and the next day a blizzard struck. All of your stuff would be grounded until the weather cleared. If you want to make a move stressful, then this would definitely do it.

Movers.net best advice to you is to avoid the crowds, avoid the cold weather and take full advantage of cheaper moving prices this Fall!

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