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How To Move With Kids

Helping Your Children Make a Smooth Transition

Moving is a stressful affair for all concerned. As an adult, you are involved in the planning and organizing of the move. You are concerned with checklists, hiring movers, parking hassles, and a host of other things that occupy your time and energies. At times it may be extremely overwhelming and you will wonder how you will manage to get all the tasks completed on time. While you may find the move taxing your physical and mental resources you should not forget your children who will have an emotionally difficult time adjusting to this big change in their lives. Children do not understand the need to move, they are set in their familiar surroundings and routines and find the prospect of moving homes extremely disturbing and anxiety-inducing. This is why moving with kids is something that requires a lot of tact and patience on your end as an adult. Here are some tips on how to help your children adapt and have an emotionally pleasant experience when it comes to moving.


One of the first things to do as soon as you have made your decision to move is to inform your children. The earlier you do so the more time it will give your children to adjust and adapt to the new situation.


Make your children part of your moving process. You could let them take part in the house hunting. You could talk to them about how your new home should be renovated and ask them their preferences when it comes to their room colors. If your child is older you could even let them help you select movers. It would be an educational experience for a teenager to understand terms like a bill of lading and understand the moving process. The sense that the parent trusts them to be a part of something this important gives the teenager a sense of importance and responsibility.

Address and Acknowledge:

Sit down with your kids and ask them how they feel? Address their concerns. Answer their questions as best as you can. Listen to them. Children have all sorts of concerns about how they will make new friends or what the new school will be like or whether there will be clubs or entertainment centers for them in the new community.


When moving with kids one way to help them make a smooth transition is to prepare them regarding what to expect in the new environment. Do an online exploration of your new community. Research up restaurants, amusement parks, and clubs like the YMCA in your new community. Make your child part of this process. When they see pictures of the new surroundings they acclimatize a lot quicker. When they understand that there will be familiar activities available to them at their new home they feel comforted. If possible drive them down to the new town and city and show them around. Take them to the church and introduce them to the priest. Little things like this make a lot of difference when moving with kids.


Arrange for a farewell party for your kids. Spending time with their old friends and exchanging addresses and contact details give children a sense of control and serve to provide a connection for them when they go about adjusting to their new environment.

Timing your move:

Moving with kids during the holidays is better because your child does not miss school and there is no continuity break in his/her studies. However, the downside is that making new friends will be a little difficult initially as the child does not have a common place to establish new friendships. The way to deal with this is to make your child a member of the local sports club or activity center where they would make friendships and new relations. The earlier your child establishes new friendships the better it is for them.

Moving with kids can be handled well if you are there for your children assuring and reassuring them that things will be fine.

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