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How To Pack For A Move: Keeping Your Belongings Safe

If there was a dummies guide to moving I am quite sure that you would find an extensive chapter on packing supplies. Packing supplies are a very important part of your moving process and you should not underestimate their usefulness. It doesn’t matter why you are moving whether a job change or a home shift or moving to the university, one of the most important aspects of your moving process will be packing supplies.

It is very important to pick packing supplies carefully as they can make all the difference in seeing your belongings to your new place with safety.

How to go about the business of packing

Adequate time allocation: Give yourself at least three weeks to get your packing done. Preferably four if you can manage to get the time allocated.

Lists, Lists, Lists: The first thing you need to do is prepare a list of all your items that you are going to take with you. Whatever you can dispose of, do so, as there is no sense carrying unnecessary clutter along. Once you have made a list of all things that you are going to move, make an even more important list of all the packing supplies that you need.

What do you need when selecting packing supplies?

  • Boxes: See that you have innumerable and adequate sized boxes ready for your packing process. You can pick some boxes from local retail or grocery stores or from garage sales but you should not neglect to pick a lot of them from a moving company. This is because old boxes may give way under your packing load and cause damage to your belongings. Hence see that the majority of the boxes are sturdy and can manage a load of your items well.
  • Packing tape: See that you have adequate packing tape with you before you start your packing process. A tape dispenser is an invaluable help to quick and correct dispensing of required tape.
  • Markers and labels: You will need a number of labels both pre-printed and blank to label your items. Where possible you could also use markers to make important notes such as fragile easily visible.
  • Bubble wraps: One of the most indispensable item in your packing supplies is bubble wrap. This is the one thing that ensures that all your fragile and delicate items are adequately protected during the moving process. Sure, it is one of the more expensive of packing supplies but it is the one thing that ensures the difference between safe moving and expensive breakage.
  • Moving pads: These are very important to protect your furniture when moving, to see that the furniture remains scratch and dent free.
  • Newspaper, wrapping paper, paper towels: These are one of the primary requirements for packing your items for safety. See that you have the adequate paper before you start out with the packing process.
  • Stretchable wraps: Awkwardly shaped items require specialty packing supplies such as stretchable wraps or specialty boxes so that they can be packed properly.
  • Sofa Covers and Mattress Covers: Essential component of your packing supplies, these foam covers ensure that your sofa or mattresses do not rip or tear during the moving process
  • Box cutters: A good sharp knife comes handy during unpacking so see that your packing supplies contain this.

Moving companies also have packing kits that have an assortment of items ready for the packing process to make the whole business of assimilating the right amount of packing supplies simple. If you want to simplify your buying process this is the direction you should look towards for your packing supplies.

Online stores are great places to look for cheap packing supplies so be sure you check them out as well.

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