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Moving Guide: Tips for a Successful Move

For a mover there is a lot of planning and organization in store, if he/she wants to make a successful move. Making a smooth transition from your old place to new is not easy but it is definitely possible. This article by Movers.net will serve as a moving guide that you can use to plan your move effectively and execute it efficiently.

Moving Guide Tip 1:

The key to good moving is organization. I cannot stress more on this point. You must operate in a very organized manner if you wish to make a successful move. The first thing that you must do is decide when you want to move. While you may have your own preferences, you must know that moving companies are busiest between March and September. They are also very busy on weekends and month ends. Hence if you wish to move during these times, then be sure to book your moving company three to four months in advance.

Moving Guide Tip 2:

Once you have made up your mind when you want to move, the next step is to start de-cluttering your home. Start sorting all the items in your house and see if you can dispose of some of them. You could hold a garage sale or you could donate things to charity. The bottom line is that you need to remove those things that are lying around in the house which you haven’t touched in years and are probably never going to in the future.

Moving Guide Tip 3:

The next thing you can do is to start preliminary packing of non essential things that you will not really miss if they are packed away. Get some boxes from your grocery store and pack all your non essential items in them. These could be old photo-frames, additional crockery in the house, children’s items and other such stuff.

Moving Guide Tip 4:

Once you have finished your preliminary packing, call a moving company home and get a binding estimate made. Of course, prior to calling the moving company you should decide whether you are going to pack the rest of your belongings on your own or you are going to leave that to the moving company.

Moving Guide Tip 5:

Do all your bookings and travel arrangements at least two months in advance. This would include hotel bookings, flights, car rentals etc. You would not want to find that you are unable to get reservations on rail or air when required.

Moving Guide Tip 6:

Make a moving checklist. It is essential that you breakdown all the necessary work in time slots so you have things wrapped up in a systematic manner and you are not left scurrying around in distress.

Moving Guide Tip 7:

Make copies of important documents so they are easily accessible and keep them in a safe place. Inform schools well in advance and arrange for transfer of school records and begin the process of new school registrations months in advance.

Moving Guide Tip 8:

Make a list of all the people that you have to inform about your change of address. You will need to inform the post office so your mail is routed to your new address. You will need to inform banks, insurance companies, credit card companies and other creditors, magazine subscription providers, and friends and family. Start informing all these people one by one as soon as possible once you have decided when you are going to be moving.

Moving Guide Tip 9:

Involve your children in the moving process: In the hurly-burly of moving and planning all the essentials we forget one of the most important areas that need our attention – our family. Children find moving a stressful time. They may be worried how they will adjust to their new school or if they will make any new friends and have a hundred other worries. Be sure to sit and have a talk with your children and address any anxieties that they may have.

Moving Guide Tip 10:

Be sure to have a moving day kit that you can keep aside which contains things like keys, medications, prescription glasses, airplane or rail tickets, torches etc. This will ensure that you are not left hunting for these at the last minute. Keep the kit aside in a separate drawer so that it does not get mixed up with all the other packed stuff lying around.

These are just some of the tips to ensure a safe and happy moving appearance. Movers.net is always ready to help – Feel free to write to us if you want any more guidance.

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